Filtralite® improves wastewater treatment process in Dalian, China

Filtralite Clean products support the biofilm for BOD, COD, SS removal and denitrification at Dalian's wastewater treatment plant, responsible for treating 120.000 m3/day.</br>
Dalian wastewater treatment plant

Filtralite® helps to keep the Mediterranean clean

Filtralite® is used in biological aerated filters (8 filters for denitrification and 12 filters for removal of organic
compounds and nitrogen) in Ta’barkat's wastewater treatment plant in Malta.<br>
The plant is designed to clean 51,000 m3 of sewage every day, which equals 80 % of all the wastewater produced in Malta.<br>
Wastewater treatment plant at Ta’barkat (Malta)

Filtralite® pressure filters at Beckton (UK) for pretreatment prior to desalination

In the new Thames Gateway Desalination Treatment Plant in Beckton, Filtralite® Pure HC 0.8-1.6 mm is used as filter media in 17 pressure filters as 2nd step of pretreatment before desalination.</br>
These filters each have a filtration area of 50 m2 and operate at a peak filtration rate of 12 m/h.</br>
Pretreatment at Beckton desalination plant

Filtralite®Pure increased production at Palmachim desalination plant

Filtralite Pure NC 1.5-2.5 has been installed in 2009 in the dual media pre-treatment filters.</br>
Filtration velocity has increased from 7 m/h to 12 m/h and runtime between backwashes from 30 hours to 200 hours.</br>
Moreover biofouling of the RO membranes was reduced and silt density index lowered to around 2.0, sometimes as low as 1.5.</br>
Palmachim desalination plant Israel